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  • Why should we opt for online apps education through U.C.?
    Online Apps education through U.C. has many added advantage over conventional system of learning through regular classes. The volume of syllabus has swollen up, but the given time cannot be stretched.This consequently leaves many areas unturned in a student’s preparation. The U.C. Apps helps a student to fill in these gaps:
    i. The 24-hours monitoring system helps the student to update the missed portions of her/his syllabus.
    ii. A regular assessment helps her/him to gauge the level of her/his efficiency.
    iii. S/he can get the latest study materials which might not have been discussed in the regular classes.
    iv. The live illustrations on U.C classes embed a deep impact on a student’s mind.
    v. The programmes set at U.C. Apps are not restricted to the academic arena only.We also tap various non-academic areas with a view to spur a student’s over all intelligence-level enabling her/him to grow more matured and be more confident, when it comes to taking firm dicisioins about her/his career.
    vi. U.C. Apps imparts such orientation the prepares a student to face real-life problems boldly.
  • But how does it help the parent?
    Is it not so, that most parents remain anxious about their wards’ future? Urban Campus diminishes the Issues involving their concern in this regard. They are all through aware of their children’s academic development. Whenever they find some deficiency or weakness in any area/s, they may consult the panel of U.C.’s teachers on how to overcome the lags. They also have an access to the school’s concerned teachers whenever needed through the U.C.’s Apps.
  • How are the school teachers benefitted through U.C.Apps?
    While attending the regular classes, a teacher has to look after the affairs of many students. The human mind does not permit to thoroughly take care of so many individuals from all angles. The U.C. Apps gives a total back-up to a teacher in such a situation. It enables the teacher to have any updated information from anywhere at any time. Even if the teacher feels the utmost need to communicate with a student or parents or her/his colleagues on some vital matter, it would be as easy as a cakewalk.
  • Is getting enrolled in the U.C. Apps very expensive?
    Not at all. A student has to just pay Rs. 150 per month to subscribe and have an access to U.C. Apps. Just imagine! Is there any educational apps offering such a meagre fees!
  • Does it not mean that the quality and standard of U.C. Apps will not be at par?
    Not at all. Considering the panel of our internal teachers and experts who have a vast experience over the years in the education sector the question of compromising with the quality and standard does not arise. Moreover, the coverage we render is unique. No educational apps in the whole nation has such as megre subscription fees. The holistic classes imparted through U.C. Apps is a key to enhance a child’s intelligence level.
  • How does it enhance a child’s intelligence level?
    The U.C. Apps conducts tests through technical methods on a regular basis. This continuous process psychologically affects a child’s mind. This is a proven fact through research work conducted at various blue chip universities in the U.S.,Finland, S.Korea,etc. The method is very entertaining an stress-free and helps a child to come out in flying colours.
  • What about long and descriptive type questions?
    On U.C. Apps, we make it a point to impart conceptual based education. Once the conception is clear, no matter how descriptive is the question, the child will be able to answer. Simultaneously, we take care of the child’s writing skills through our English classes so that she/he can express her/himself properly without any hesitation.
  • How does one enroll her/himself in U.C. Apps classes? Is it very tough?
    Getting oneself enrolled in the U.C. Apps classes is as easy as child’s play. Here, we have two options. One can either enroll her/himself individually or through the institute in which she/he is studying. In any case the subscription fees remain the same i.e. Rs. 150 per month.
  • (Principal): How does it help a principal?
    The busy and hectic schedule of a principal is unquestionable. The U.C. Apps reduces her/his workload to a maximum extent. He has a ready access to any student’s record; an updated account status; an enquiry from a any teacher; sending notice-urgent or normal; express or share any concept/ idea with teachers/parents/students. Apart from all these, the U.C.
    Note : last highlighted sentence is applicable as per the required situation.


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