Features & Benefits

Benefits OF Urban Campus

1 During a student’s school days, she/he comes across many people apart from her/his teachers, such as classmates, mentors, parents of her/his class, etc. She/he can communicate to all such people in a very short span of time, if they are logged in the U.C. Apps. S/he can have a broader base to express her/himself and exchange her/his ideas. Thus, the UC Apps acts as a time-saving machine.

2 The technique used in U.C. Apps keeps a constant vigilance of a student’s involvement in her/his study preparation. The constant monitoring system, one of our hallmarks, enables the parents, teachers or mentors to have a clear conception about the child’s development on a day–to-day basis.

3 Under certain circumstances, a student feels suppressed to express her/himself freely. Many a times it happens that a student is unable to understand a certain topic in a single go. This is where a student needs more orientations. But due to many reasons such as shame, fear etc., she/he avoids expressing her/his inability. Through U.C. Apps, a student enjoys the liberty to easily express oneself without any hesitation or fear, in a personalized environment.

4 The conceptual- based education enables a student to face questionnaires from whatsoever angle it is placed and it is the benchmark of our operation.

5Covering both ⎯ academic and non-academic sections, U.C. Apps imparts a board-based education and enables a student to take firm decisions about her/his career at the final stages of her/his school life as to which discipline to be pursued.

6 Not all fingers are equal. The same is applicable for the students. The level of intelligence is not equal for all. Through the U.C. Apps, we spur a student’s skill and inspire her/him to attain a level that s/he may never have realized. Considering this delicate issue we take certain steps


  • Test pattern

    Past experiences reveal that the pattern of examinations keep on changing and it will be changing in future also. But the key aspect of our tests at U.C.Apps is to judge the analytical ability of the students along with understanding of the students. The faculties of U.C.Apps guide the students in comprehensive manner to bring out their best. This is enough to imagine the teaching methodology of the faculties of U.C.Apps.

  • Path breaking programmes

    • Coverage of the syllabus according to meticulously planned micro test and teaching schedule.
    • Revision of the course after the course coverage in a planned manner.
    • Illustration of basic concepts and core concepts of the subjects.
    • Simplifying the concepts through appropriate examples.
    • Grounding of concepts through various approaches and exercises.
  • The teachers : Real Torchbearers

    The teachers at U.C.Apps are its real assets. They are specialists in their subjects. Being the torchbearers,they feel that success is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few. In fact, every student has the potential to succeed, and this has to be brought to the fore through the sustained hard work of the student with appropriate guidance. The magnificence of a pearl can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of the oyster and polished to perfection. The secret of our excelling students is largely due to U.C.Apps unique teaching methodology, commitment, and dedication of our faculties. Regular workshops are also held for the teachers to ensure that their teaching methods and subject knowledge are always upto the mark. Constant updating is required in view of the highly competitive environment and ever changing pattern of examinations that students have to face.

    • Much care has been taken in designing the studying programmes/study materials and these are updated from time to time by U.C.Apps Academic and Expert Councils.
    • All India Test Series (AITS), and other Tests improve the student’s examination techniques and problem-solving ability.
    • The progress report are then sent to the parents by E-mail to keep them abreast of their wards’ performance.
    • Frequent interaction with parents through the module of U.C apps are also carried out for effective feedback.
    • There are micro-level and macro-level analysis of the performance of the students with regular follow-up measures.
  • Special care

    Special care is given to students who may not be that strong in their academic performance.The U.C. Apps faculties conduct doubt-clearing sessions.In these sesions any doubt a student may have is cleared.Certain topics may be reapeated,should a student have doubts about concepts if a student misses some school’s classroom lectures for bona fide reasons.


Urban Campus app is always willing to clear doubts individually. This platform provides an opportunity to students to get their doubts cleared by a special team of faculties.This scientific and systematic approach of providing academic inputs has supported and benefitted the students to improve their level of performance.


    This is a special session with students who are repeatedly unable to clear her/his concept on a particular topic.

  • Special Attention to Average Students

    U.C. Apps has launched an extraordinary aim for students who aspire to be among the best. Our U.C. Apps has made special arrangements for average students through some subtle changes. To give students an edge over their competitors, we have revised our curriculum and have brought out major changes in the academic programmes. It is not easy to get through the acid tests for qualifying in the school exams. In such a scenario, U.C. Apps is emerging as a dependable instrument where quality education, high motivation and comprehensive development of personality are the basic ingredients for all round development.




    The students associated with U.C. Apps are equipped with ideas and conception to resolve complex and difficult areas of study. Our benchmark is not only to make students classroom bugs, but our view is to make them allrounders, playing and jostling with friends so that they develop energetic brain to grasp the knowledge imparted to them. In other words, there is a free environment of teaching process. All the subject-related questions are solved by the eminent faculties of U.C. Apps with zero error and answer keys of all the questions are distributed to the students, parents/guardians well before the exams. These features convey a clear message to the aspiring students as well as parents, how capable are the faculties at U.C. Apps and what degree of knowledge and confidence they possess in their concerned subjects.


    U.C. Apps is always willing to clear doubts individually. This platform provides an opportunity to students to get their doubts cleared by a special team of faculties.This scientific and systematic approach of providing academic inputs has supported and benefitted the students to improve their level of performance.


    The success methodology equips the students to creatively resolve complex and tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills along with parallel thinking processes. We also develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize student’s output.

More than 1000 schools now keep over 300000 parents updated on all school related activities through Urban Campus app Communication through Urban Campus app is free and will always be!


Screens of Urban Campus are very contemporary and have ease of usability for even the novice mobile users.


Urban Campus can be accessed by schools from their desktop as well as mobile.